A great and developing community in the West

Te Atatu Peninsula has long been described as the most attractive residential and business community in the greater Auckland.

Great choice of residential property.

Good range of shops.

Good range of work opportunities.

Great schools.

Great churches.

A great range of sport and recreation facilites and strong community support.

Handy to the motorway and easy access to the city.

Why wouldn't you want to live here?

One good example is

Te Atatu Park

Te Atatu Peninsula Park is located off Matipo Road, Taikata Road and Neil Avenue on the western side of Te Atatu Peninsula. 
Te Atatu Peninsula Park is a Citywide Park and as such, benefits not only the local community but also the wider Waitakere area. The Park is extensively utilised for both summer and winter sports codes and demand on such space is increasing.
Te Atatu Peninsula Park is located within an urban residential context and forms an integral component of the wider neighbourhood reserve network. The Park is also near five different schools located within Te Atatu Peninsula, these being Matipo School, Peninsula Primary School, Te Atatu Intermediate, Rutherford College, and Rutherford Primary School.
The Park provides a range of facilities for the community including sports fields (used by a number of codes and sports clubs including Touch Waitakere, Waitakere Cricket, and Te Atatu Soccer), clubrooms, Trees for Babies, open passive space, a playground, car parking areas and public toilets.
Te Atatu Peninsula Park Leases
There are leases in place for the use of the grounds and facilities. These are currently issued to Te Atatu Association Football Club and to the Waitakere Cricket Club. However, it is noted that the Te Atatu Rugby League Club, the Te Atatu Roosters Softball Club and Touch Waitakere also use the Park for organised sport. The Park is
suitable for these more formal sports groups using the Park’s facilities. The Park is also used informally by other groups and local people.
Te Atatu Peninsula Park History
The Park was completed in 1960 when the Park was known as Holman Park. It then went on to be known as Te Atatu Park and is currently named Te Atatu Peninsula Park. More research to come regarding naming of the park.
Park Users
The primary function of the Park is for use as sports fields whilst also providing opportunities for family gathering, dog walking, children’s playground and other passive recreation pursuits. Often the passive users are associated with the sports clubs and the sporting activities.
The predominant codes, which utilise the fields, are cricket during the summer season and soccer and rugby league during the winter. The fields are also utilised by a number of other codes over the summer including summer soccer, softball training, frisbee associated games, kilikiti and touch rugby.
There are presently four grass cricket wicket blocks and four artificial concrete cricket wickets. The northeastern corner also provides cricket training nets. The grass wicket blocks are demarcated over the winter period with perimeter fencing which precludes these areas from use over winter.
The winter codes of soccer and rugby league each have a training area with night lighting. Soccer is located adjacent to the clubrooms in the southeast corner and rugby league in the northwest corner. Rugby league presently has one sand slit pitch which is less than full regulation size. The field is located in the southwest corner. There is one full size sand slit soccer pitch at the southern end of the ground and a full size soccer pitch at the northern end of the Park. The training area is also used for junior grade soccer.
The clubs, which have an historical association with the Park, are:
• Te Atatu Rugby League (Roosters)
• Te Atatu Association Football Club
• Waitemata Cricket Club
Whilst both soccer and cricket currently have clubrooms on the park, the historical use of the park by Te Atatu Rugby League as the original code is recognised.
Rugby League
The Te Atatu Rugby League Club has a history of use at the Park of 45 years. Between 1960 and 1964 they shared the use of the Park with Te Atatu Soccer. The Rugby League Club developed the land known as Jack Colvin Park, which became the Club’s home. The Club has recently celebrated their 50th jubilee in 2005. The Club has produced several players of note, most recently including Sam Panapa, Mark Horo and Henry Paul.
Te Atatu Association Football Club have their clubrooms located in the south east corner of the Park. The Club has been utilising the Park since 1960 and the clubrooms were built circa 1980.
The Waitakere Cricket Club has been present on the site since 1989 when they shared the soccer club facilities.
The Club has been in existence since 1971/72 when an amalgamation between Te Atatu and Henderson Cricket Clubs took place.
The Club has had several different names before settling on the present version.
The Club’s building is located at eastern side of the Park and was opened in 1993/94 season. The Club has completed various championship victories and produced players of note including New Zealand internationals Trevor Franklin and Craig Spearman.


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